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Wat is groupagevervoer?

groupage transport, simply called groupage, is a special form of transport in which goods shipped by different companies are brought together in one load. In international trade, the abbreviation LTT (Less Than Truckload), or LTL (Less Than Load) is often used, which means grouped transport. "Consolidation" is another term used.

In practice, groupage transport occurs when a company that wants to ship goods does not have sufficient volume to fill a truck, container, etc. For these companies, carriers that specialize in groupage can offer to divide the space left in their truck among several senders.

Groupage offers several advantages for companies that rely on this type of transport for the shipment of their goods. They can save money on transportation. By choosing groupage transport, the company shares all transport costs with the other senders. It no longer has to pay all the delivery costs, as its goods only take up part of the available space in the truck. Groupage offers companies an easier option to transport their goods to different destinations without having to worry about the volume of goods destined for each destination. Groupage transport improves the quality of service for companies, as they can benefit from numerous services (such as a wider variety of routes) through their suppliers.

That said, groupage transport requires more flexibility from the shippers with regard to the loading and delivery times of the products. The carrier must first complete a pick-up route to collect all the goods before delivering them, whereas full freight transport only transports one type of goods from a point A to a point B.

Particulars of the groupage transport

Groupage transport can be interesting for you if your transport meets the following characteristics:

The volume of goods to be shipped is not large enough to fill a full truck;
The delivery time is not the most important criterion (group deliveries take considerably longer than standard deliveries, because several deliveries have to be grouped);
The shipped goods can easily be put together on one or more pallets.

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