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Transport Slovenia

CargoMatcher regularly organizes transport to Slovenia. Slovenia's main export products are: Machinery and transport equipment. Slovenia's main import products are: Machinery and transport equipment. The Netherlands and Slovenia have a long trading history. Even today, millions of euros worth of goods are traded between countries.

Express transport Slovenia

CargoMatcher is an experienced specialist in the field of urgent transport, so we regularly have shipments that leave for Slovenia by urgent transport. For urgent transport you have to take into account a transport time of 3 to 4 days for Slovenia, this mainly depends on where in Slovenia you want your shipments delivered.

Groupage transport Slovenia

If your shipment is not urgent, we also offer options for groupage transport to Slovenia. Groupage mainly means that your shipment will be combined with several other shipments, which will drastically reduce the price. The delivery time for a group shipment to Slovenia is usually 5 to 7 working days. If you use our groupage transport, you must take into account the transport by means of a large truck combination. It is important that the loading and unloading address is sufficiently accessible for large vehicles. There are also options to discuss for a cage monkey or tail lift.

Full truckloads

If your shipment is so large that it consists of one or more truck loads, we can of course also organize this transport for you. Whether it concerns refrigerated transport to Slovenia or goods that do not depend on temperature, CargoMatcher has no problem at all.

Important Cities van Slovenia

In addition to the capital Ljubljana, Slovenia has a number of important trading cities, the most important of which are; Kamnik & Maribor. In addition to important cities, Slovenia also has a number of large port cities, the most important port cities in Slovenia are: Piran & Koper. The airports with the most freight throughput are those of: Ljubljana, Maribor & Portoroz. Ljubljana airport is the largest in Slovenia.

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Whether your shipment is urgent or not, CargoMatcher can provide you with a quote within 30 minutes. Even if your shipment is not urgent, you want to know quickly where you stand.

Do you have transport issues that CargoMatcher can help you with? Do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

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If you place a transport request with us, we will provide you with a completely non-binding quote within 30 minutes! The quotation will give you more clarity about the conditions for transport to Slovenia, about transit times and of course the investment.

Interesting facts about Slovenia

  • Main import products from the Netherlands: Machinery and transport equipment.
  • Main export products to the Netherlands: Machinery and transport equipment.
  • Transit time urgent transport to Slovenia: 2 to 3 days.
  • Important port cities in Slovenia: Piran & Koper
  • Number of inhabitants of Slovenia: 2.1 million inhabitants.
  • Surface of Slovenia: 20,271 square kilometers.
  • The international abbreviation for Slovenia is SI (2-letter) or SVN (3-letter).

Facts about Slovenia

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